Monday, 8 August 2016

Ankara Skirt - Style African

African Ankara Skirt
hey beautiful people,

I’ve been wanting to share this lovely Ankara skirt from divalukky with you guys. Remember, my previous post about the Ankara leggings? I can officially say, I’ve fallen in love with Ankara prints over again. For sure, I am an African lady and Ankara fashion has always been part of my life.

In recent years, designers add more and more Ankara into their fashion designs. Like, who would say no to such beautiful fabric? No one I guess. I can’t wait to start building a proper collection of Ankara prints.
Ankara mini skirt

Ankara printed skirt with black top:
I love this kind of combination. The accent is clear on the short Ankara print skirt. It can be paired with different tops for a lovely combination. I paired the African skirt with a black crop top and I completed the look with a stylish bag by micheal kors and shoes to match.

Ankara Skirt

Keep your style simple
And once again, keep your style simple. If you set this accent with Ankara, the rest of the styling can be kept simple. That’s why am wearing a simple black top and accented with black high heels. Thereby, the skirt is given priority. The outfit stands for itself. So there is no need for earrings or any further accessories.
Ankara skirt with black top

The Ankara printed skirt is from Nigerian Fashion Label Divalukky. I couldn´t find a shopping opportunity on the Internet. So maybe you have an idea about an Online-Shop were you can order it and let me know.
The black crop top Is made by myself
The high heels are from Zara. You can order them here. You can order nice high heels on as well.
Divalukky ankara skirt

color printed ankara skirt
Your opinion
So people this is it. Tell me all what you think about my 'less is more' outfit and maybe you have a unique Ankara style you can send me for my next article to that topic... e-mail me your Ankara pictures

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