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Innovative designs of African fashion – Interview with fashion Designer Prince Gado

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Last week, I had the chance to do an interview with the designer Prince Gado. He is a Nigerian fashion designer from Enugu State. His fashion designs stand for executive iconic clothing. However, he is inspired by African fashion and I am sure, we will soon hear more about him when it comes to fashion from Nigeria.

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How did you get into Fashion designing?

Prince Gado:
Several things stimulated my desire to become a designer. First, I grew up with a father who was deep into fashion and tailoring design industry. Also I loved everything about Art and did some practicals during my high schools days which got me certificate of participation in painting. Art and fashion were among my first passions and hobbies. I never imagined I could work in any other sector. Art and fashion are always related to me although I was awarded a degree of bachelor of science (B.Sc) in Economics but after my father passed it gave me the will to go further and to get into this industry as a footstep follow up. I wanted to make the things I love, through my observations of the world that surround me like people, colors, places, art pieces, etc. Finally, I would say that designing is the way I found to create my own vision, and quite simply to express myself.

I was always very interested in dressing well just like my father wore different suit every day of his life before I ever thought of design as a career

My interest in clothing and branding probably kicked off after my degree as a graduate of bachelor of science (B.Sc) in Economic . By then I could envision a garment in every detail, how it sits, the drape, the color, nuances in fabrications and so on.

This installed a passion that is driving me throughout my career and I now enjoy constructing garments on the sewing machine and seeing the end results of my designs.

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Wow, the way you describe it sounds like Fashion is part of your DNA. So tell me now: How would you describe your design?

Prince Gado:
I'd describe my design as a collaborating traditional styles with innovative designs patterns, casual, formal fashion trends wears that cuts across all ages and gender – inspired by traditional Nigerian wear.

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That sounds great. Can you give us some examples?

Prince Gado:
Our fashion design is popularly known for our men's suits, Jumpers and senators with invisible zip styles and threadings.
Also other examples of the traditional cultural wears we went into was Agbada as a traditional wear for Yoruba's for formal events. Nigerian men often wear an Agbada robe over their clothes and we do apply some changes in our design and style for different looks.

Buba is a Yoruba word that means blouse. The buba can be worn informally with pants or a fancy print wrapper. When worn as formal wear, the buba is paired with a skirt or wrapper made of formal fabrics.

Our fashion design is also known for kaftan or caftan which we produce. It is a pull-over woman's robe. In French, this robe is called a boubou. The boubou is the traditional female attire in many West African countries including Senegal, Mali and other countries. The boubou can be formal or informal attire. The formality of the kaftan depends upon the fabric used to create it.

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What are your future plans with your designs / label?

Prince Gado:
I hope to go a notch higher by launching new designs and also making my label well known world wide, hopefully model my cloths and design internationally for not only Nigerians but everybody all over the glob to have a taste of what am doing.

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More information about Prince Way Garment Industry Limited you can find on Twitter, facebook and Instagram or you send Prince Gado an email about princewaygarment(at)

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