African fashion blogger Hi, I am dubem marc mbiwe. I'm a blogger and designer from Nigeria - West Africa. My passion for fashion drove me into creating a blog. I look forward to sharing my personal style in relation to fashion, styling and beauty with all of you.

I was born and raised into fashion. I can remember my sisters doing things i thought as absurd - all in name of fashion. This one time my sister actually wore her pants inside out, that was a constant reminder to me that there is no going too far.
My sisters were always altering their school uniforms to make it more fashionable of course! This got them into trouble but that didn't seem to bother them. I am sure you can imagine that they passed on the baton to me and i continued where they left off as i went out of my way making my uniform look as fashionable as possible. From making it so fitting to the point i could barely breath to putting pockets in my school skirt, detailings and what have you. Well yeah i hope i have given you an insight on how much of a fashion enthusiast I am. Yeah! I breath fashion lol.
nigerian fashion and style blog
The goal of my blog is to show you what i am thinking of in terms of street fashion trends,fashion tips,accessories,celebrity fashion choices,my personal style and basically anything in relation to fashion. Thus i am positive you are gonna be able to relate cus i am gonna be covering fashion at all levels.
I am really excited to share my thoughts as i strongly believe fashion is an expression of imagination and thoughts, your imaginations could run wild like me and thats ok cus thats how we indiviualize our selves when it comes to fashion. So dont think twice before you get out of your comfort zone, dont be bored when you look at that mirror, try on something new! Let go! be daring! indulge yourself!

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