Monday, 18 December 2017

Color blocking

  Hey lovelies! Happy weekend, to you all today I will be sharing 5 tips on colour blocking in an outfit.
Colour blocking is very tricky and if not done properly you could end up looking like a circus clown literally. I did a research on this and thankfully I was able to come up with 5 basic tips we all need to consider when colour blocking and here it is guys😊

1. When colour blocking it's important to consider your primary colors like:red,yellow and blue three foundational colors from which others usually follow these are examples of bright colors that should be considered analogous colors: blue, indigo and aquamarine these colors usually fall across on each other complementary colors: orange, blue, green and red these colors usually fall across from each other.

2. When colour blocking it's important to combine 3 colours and if you have to add another colour at max 4 without fear of failure.

3. Note: when colour blocking colors like white,black,gray and brown these four colors *I like to call them my wardrobe" lifesavers" because they go with absolutely anything and everything so when you have one of them, there is No, no to that red skirt,that green top, and those blue shoes. these colors go absolutely with everything.

4. It's important to use only bright colors.

5. And remember people! when you combine your outfit, don't stary too far. One of the colors will always be dominant so try to make it vary so the 3 or 4 four colours of your choice and limiting one of these colors always for accents and accessories making it 3 or 4 at most. So people here are some pictures so you will have a clearer view of what I am talking it is😊😊

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