Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New year

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!,πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€
 Its,2018 everyone!!!It's time to hit refresh as the new year opens its arms with another 365 days to embrace new ideas ,new creations,new expections,new designs,new resolutions so people,what's your's ?....As the New Year 2018 unfolds??????As for me ive got a whole lot of new plans designs,resolutions all lined up for you guys so just sit back and indulge yourselves people *winks*
happy new year lovelies !!!!xoxo

Monday, 25 December 2017

Happy holidays 😊😊

Hey lovelies! 
compliments of the season and merry Christmas to you all!!
Doesn’t it make you wonder why Santa is still so old fashioned? He is trying to help us retain the true meaning of Christmas which is spending less and sharing more. May this year’s Christmas be the best Christmas ever.
Warmest wishes to you and your family as you all
Celebrate this day with a heart
Filled with happiness, cheer and love
Share the blessings to others for that is the true meaning of Christmas
  Merry Christmas from us and do have an amazing holiday filled with so much love and harmony! 😊😊 ❤❤

Monday, 18 December 2017


Hey guys! Compliments of the season!! 
So it's the holidays and don't we all want to look our best this season?! 
 this ones for the ladies..
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We have 100% Virgin Indian Hair &  100% Raw Vietnamese Hair and Peruvian too from 12-28 inches available 
You don't wanna miss this opportunity ladies!!

So here it is guys 
    Straight hair
    Body wave



               Round wave 

    Deep waves 
    Kinky curly

 Yes ladies you definitely don't want to let this pass you by! Turn heads this season..😊
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Color blocking

  Hey lovelies! Happy weekend, to you all today I will be sharing 5 tips on colour blocking in an outfit.
Colour blocking is very tricky and if not done properly you could end up looking like a circus clown literally. I did a research on this and thankfully I was able to come up with 5 basic tips we all need to consider when colour blocking and here it is guys😊

1. When colour blocking it's important to consider your primary colors like:red,yellow and blue three foundational colors from which others usually follow these are examples of bright colors that should be considered analogous colors: blue, indigo and aquamarine these colors usually fall across on each other complementary colors: orange, blue, green and red these colors usually fall across from each other.

2. When colour blocking it's important to combine 3 colours and if you have to add another colour at max 4 without fear of failure.

3. Note: when colour blocking colors like white,black,gray and brown these four colors *I like to call them my wardrobe" lifesavers" because they go with absolutely anything and everything so when you have one of them, there is No, no to that red skirt,that green top, and those blue shoes. these colors go absolutely with everything.

4. It's important to use only bright colors.

5. And remember people! when you combine your outfit, don't stary too far. One of the colors will always be dominant so try to make it vary so the 3 or 4 four colours of your choice and limiting one of these colors always for accents and accessories making it 3 or 4 at most. So people here are some pictures so you will have a clearer view of what I am talking it is😊😊

Your opinion

So people this is it. Tell me all what you think about My work or maybe you have a unique style. You can send it to me for my next article -... e-mail me your Ankara pictures
Remember, I appreciate ALL your feedback! Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, or ask any questions you may have! Remember to follow me on Instagram!
Oh and don't forget to
indulge always!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Stylish and warm

Hey goodmorning lovelies!
so people,as you All know it's almost hard enough to look stylish when the struggle to to stay warm can pose a serious challenge. While dressing for the cold weather all hope isn't lost lol There’s hope for leaving your home in one (stylish) piece. Cold weather means choosing from dozens of keep-warm options like coats, vests, ponchos, scarves and more. So get ready cold weather, we’re coming for you. So lovelies, I put together 5 stylish cold weather outfits for this season. And here it is...

Here are 5 stylish cold weather outfits to wear this season.


1.  This is my number one outfit for this winter. It's very stylish.....yea. I love how it's combined. Very stylish, sexy and still keeping it very warm and at the same time chick. I love the all white combination, very classy, makes its stand out. You should invest in one of these, this season people 😬.                                   


2. This is my second outfit for this season. Start with a long chiffon blouse and a perfect fitting jacket (it’s the easiest outfit ever). Use this as your foundation and when you want to mix it up, sub in more fashion-forward pieces like an over-sized poncho or wrap coat. If you want to take it a step further, try layering a small belt to fit - and perfect shoes to match.

3. When it really gets cold (we’re talking negative), it’s time to bundle up in a big coat. These might not be your go-to  when it comes to looking chic, but we think we’ve found how to up the chic-factor. Go for a coat with a cinched waist and add in a pair of over-the-knee or tall boots,or sneakers  with your skinny jeans tucked in.

4. Treat yourself to a new effortlessly chic,and classy and still keep it really warm this cold weather.wear long saris depending on the colour of your choice and combine with the perfect shoes to go and your ready to leave your home in one stylish piece 

5.Just because it's cool outside doesn't mean you have to put away your favorite dresses until the dry season. No, wearing a dress and sandals doesn't make much sense in this weather, but there are ways to make your favorite looks work for you. Layering pieces like chunky knits and cozy coats, thick jackets and tights you can this way  say yes to the dress, tights and vest, too!

Cold Weather Fashion tips: 
So guys, I put together some Important winter fashion tips you all should know. The biggest winter fashion tip is to not forget your accessories . Not only do they stop the warmth from escaping your body, they’re also a great way to add a pop to your outfit. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear them:
    • Hats keep our heads warm, and while a beanie is traditional cold weather gear, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with other styles. A wool fedora always looks classy, or you could try a baseball cap to add street edge to your winter fashion.
    • A statement scarf is an easy way to brighten up a plain winter outfit. Bold patterns, bright colors and cheeky prints are a good place to start.
    • Gloves will keep your hands warm, but do you want elegant, ’50s style leather gloves or a more sporty ski style? For those who like it though.
    • Just like a scarf, you can also use your bag to make a quirky fashion statement. Pick something in a contrasting color to make it stand .   

Saturday, 2 December 2017

It's the season to be more fabulous 😊❤️

                                                                                 Happy new month you guys! 
 It's the season to be jolly🌲and fabulous! So what have you all got in store for this season?
Evenmore fabulousness perhaps?😬 ❤️❤️happy new month people❤️❤️