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Colored printed Ankara pants with white top

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for sure, we are not "dressing up" every day for a special occasion! But fashion is a method of self-expression. With every outfit, you give a statement. For me, fashion is important – that’s why I make it a priority in my life. Even in my daily life. But there, I keep it chic and simple. That’s why I start a new series on my blog. I call it “less is more” looks. It will show you how to dress-up for living! It starts with colored printed Ankara pants and a white crop top …
Colored printed Ankara Pants

Less is more looks:
Sooo yesterday I headed out to the streets had to meet a friend who wanted me to design and sew a new top for her. While we were talking, we had this idea about the "less is more" looks! So I asked my friend to take some pictures of the style I had so I can share it with you. The pictures are pretty simple, but I sort of feel that they receive you better because it just shows me as a normal, everyday girl who likes to “play” dress-up for a living!

Color printed leggings with white top

Printed Ankara pants with white crop top
I think, red colored printed Ankara pants and a white crop top are an amazing combination yea? It’s a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal. I complement this look with white high heels to give it another highlight. Yes, the outfit is really simple. The Ankara leggings are the eye-catcher which make the look. By the way, I sew the crop top myself … Hope you like it … *smile
Style Ankara leggings

Keep your style simple
I kept the top simple and accented with white high heels in the same color. Thereby, the leggings are given priority. The outfit stands for itself. So there is no need for earrings or any further accessories.
Fashion printed leggings

Ankara = African style
By the way, do you know that Ankara style is very popular all over the world? Yes, its true. Famous designers use Ankara to give there fashion a highlight. And all over the world, Ankara fashion is known as African fashion. I think we can be proud of that important part Ankara is playing in world fashion. I think I will do some extra articles that will deal with Ankara looks. What do you think?
Ankara fashion trend pants
Ok, so with colored printed Ankara leggings in your wardrobe, you always have pants with a good option to combine it. As you see, the outfit isn't over the top but yet very stylish. The Ankara pants gives it that African feel and brings it home. So ladies next time you wanna wear that cute crop top of yours you might want to pair it with a chic pair of pants! We don't want to look trashy and remember less is more! *winks

Keep dressing up
A final thing at the end you always have to remember: If you feel like dressing up as there would be the party of the year – DO IT. There is no overdressing in the world - look your best at all times if you want to. What would the world do without birds of paradise like us? It would be a sad place, right? We are here to make the world look a little bit more beautiful *smile – yes, smile to the world and it will smile back! You never know who you'll run into … imagine the man of your dreams and you don’t look fabulous – you will regret the rest of your life … haha.

What I want to show you with my article “less is more” is that dressing chic is not a question of money or time you spend in the bathroom for makeup and acessoires. It’s a question of combining things in the right way and your attitude to present it. It makes you the eye-catcher. And that’s what we want, right ladies?

Crop top and Ankara paints are made by myself.
The high heels are from river island. You can order nice high heels on heels.com.ng
The black neck chocker is from konga, the hand bracelets are from household jewellery limited. You can buy barclets at jumia.com

Your opinion
So people this is it. Tell me all what you think about my 'less is more' outfit and maybe you have a unique Ankara style you can send me for my next article to that topic... e-mail me your Ankara pictures

Remember, I appreciate ALL your feedback! Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, or ask any questions you may have! Remember to follow me on Instagram!

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