Friday, 27 May 2016

New fashion blog style

new african fashion blog

The new Indulgence

Hey beautiful people, sure you're all fabulous as always… xoxo!!!

You see indubgence has been working on some changes to expand and reach out to you all better, yeah you! *winks*

Our changes include a complete new navigation and we have the new domain

In the future, you will find here topics like
  • fashion and streetware
  • cosmetics
  • look&style
  • send your styles
all sorted in own cathegories. You even can send your own style with some pictures and explanations and we will post it here on our blog. We love street style, so never stop sending us your new exciting styles.

Exciting in it? Everyone is going to be a part of this exciting story. xoxo:)

Do you want people to get a feel of your style? Send your ideas to my e-mail discribing what you are wearing and why your are wearing it. Let us know about the brands and telling us were you got your outfit from. You will have a feature on my blog and that way we all can share what we all think about your outfit and your style.

The world is waiting for your look and style! So go people!! You have a special style and want to share it with the world? Send your ideas to my email and have a feature on my blog.......


Xoxo indubgence

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