Friday, 29 September 2017


Hey beautiful people!

It's a new month and so far this past month has been a good one,I am finally done with one of the most important steps in my life! graduated from college and I couldn't be more glad God has been so faithful and I've had sooo much to learn from. its been really amazing I've learned the Good the bad and the ugly and in all I'm  really thankful it couldn't have been any better and i'm really excited to have the time to pursue my passion(fashion) full time watch out for me guys! So my girlfriend went for her graduation thanksgiving service and had to look very stylish. She wore this very classy amazing off shoulder  fitting long gown for the service right after lol I stole it(ha ha ha pictures of the gown of course lol *winks*)and decided too share with you guys sooo feel free too tell us what you think *winks*

African Ankara Dress
Ankara Dress

A long dress is a must-have for any wardrobe.for that special occasion (the oscars perhaps? Lol) you can almost never go wrong in a long gown You can wear it with different styles. You can give it something extra by adding Ankara fabric always a head turner!

African made tulle skirt

Hey lovelies,

I am absolutely obsessed with this short tulle shirt , I cannot tell you how long i have been on the hunt for one and it finally hit me why not  just make one for myself 😊😋?And I did,😆

I wore this to my friends little birthday and I paired it perfectly with a small black top and it was
everything am so obsessed with the minimalist look...the style is...everything! The top  i have on  we is actually a H and M top I got from a random store , i love how it just fits into the tulle skirt

3 different makeup styles - natural, medium and deep bold

Good afternoon lovelies,

Happy new week to you I wanted something different and it got me thinking and so, I took an evening walk down my street,an old building i saw that was been renovated captured my mind for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off this building,this really old building i knew as a child,with the blink of my eyes just turned to such perfection ,different, stylish ,new, bold and.........beautiful. so It occured to me🙂and I called a friend @preshybeauty follow her on instagram.😊shes a make up artist and I said to her "I want my face different,very Stylist,new, bold and...... beautiful.and here we are people 😊she also answered some questions for those of us who want to know how she did it,and  *the trumpets sounds*..........papapa!Papapa!papapa!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

perfect little black dress (LBD) for every beautyful lady

Hey there gorgeous  people!!

I bet you all had a fantastic weekend/holiday ?!..
 So the short  holiday is over *sadmuch*and everyone is back to work. so what have you all got planned for your week? Perhaps you've got  plans, expectations and goals go for it! me? I would have a very busy week ahead and am really excited about it though one of the exciting things I will doing is helping my friend on a research for his new website can't wait to start not to worry you all will be with me every step of the way! maybe on the  next post I would throw in more light on what my research is all about.

Also I would be setting up and outlet were I can show case my ready to wear designs and take orders directly along with the online platform of course watch out you guys! About my short holiday..  went for a sit out with a couple of friends and i was really confused at first on what to wear  until i figured an LBD would be the way to go! So Here it is guys!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Hello july

           The question isn't who isn't going to let me ,the question is who is going to stop me!                            really excited for what July has in store.

Are you..?