Friday, 29 September 2017

3 different makeup styles - natural, medium and deep bold

Good afternoon lovelies,

Happy new week to you I wanted something different and it got me thinking and so, I took an evening walk down my street,an old building i saw that was been renovated captured my mind for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off this building,this really old building i knew as a child,with the blink of my eyes just turned to such perfection ,different, stylish ,new, bold and.........beautiful. so It occured to me🙂and I called a friend @preshybeauty follow her on instagram.😊shes a make up artist and I said to her "I want my face different,very Stylist,new, bold and...... beautiful.and here we are people 😊she also answered some questions for those of us who want to know how she did it,and  *the trumpets sounds*..........papapa!Papapa!papapa!

Alas, this is it people,😁beautiful and glamourous Yes?how beautiful!I know right? 🙄.she answered a few questions on her work*smiles* 😐 ,you can always learn something from the art.
Hello miss preshybeauty so tell us more about what you did Here?
Hello,well my friend called me up and said to me "I want you to make my face different,new,perfect daring, bold and........beautiful, and so I came over and  got to work on it and I gave her three different faces with the same makeup just slightly different touches as you can see here I gave her natural ,medium and the deep bold and still trying to keep it very simple because *ln indulgence,s voice *"less is always more"😁.
Ok cool,so tell us how did you combine to give these?

As you all can see it's all the same make up with just slightly different touches to give it a whole new look,I started with caving her eyebrows and I defined it perfectly into shape then moisturized to prime the skin,applied marykay foundation primer sunscreen broad spectrum spf 15 to help even out the skin tone,cover blemishes and provide a flawless finish ,gently blending into a rolling motion pro tip:blend the foundation with a rolling motion and press into skin,then I finally concealed blemishes and redness with pro concealer pro tip:i like to use a clean fingertip as warmth of the hand helps blend also adds just the right amount of product to cover blemish and finally I set it! I used a loose compact power @veetgold using a soft,small and natural hair brush,gently tap any excess product off pro tip:      
"Be sure not to over-powder!you still want your skin to look skin".then to give the different looks i just used a cotton pad and cleansing water,like clean and clear ,and cleaned the lip stick highlighted a little and changed to a different colour,slightly generally touching her face,highlighting alittle more to give it a whole different new look and we have it!haha

So what do you have to say to starters and people you wanna learn a thing or two??

Always do only what your comfortable in or with and what makes you feel and look great,and remember try not to over do it,less is more*winks*thank you.

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Foundation:marykay foundation primer sunscreen broad spectrum spf 15
Concealer:pro concealer 
Compact power:veet gold
Lip sticks:mac ,L'oreal.
Highlighter:L'oreal Paris primitive bronze 
Eye liner:Davis

Your opinion

So people this is it. Tell me all what you think about My work or maybe you have a unique style. You can send it to me for my next article -... e-mail me your Ankara pictures
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