Wednesday, 6 September 2017

perfect little black dress (LBD) for every beautyful lady

Hey there gorgeous  people!!

I bet you all had a fantastic weekend/holiday ?!..
 So the short  holiday is over *sadmuch*and everyone is back to work. so what have you all got planned for your week? Perhaps you've got  plans, expectations and goals go for it! me? I would have a very busy week ahead and am really excited about it though one of the exciting things I will doing is helping my friend on a research for his new website can't wait to start not to worry you all will be with me every step of the way! maybe on the  next post I would throw in more light on what my research is all about.

Also I would be setting up and outlet were I can show case my ready to wear designs and take orders directly along with the online platform of course watch out you guys! About my short holiday..  went for a sit out with a couple of friends and i was really confused at first on what to wear  until i figured an LBD would be the way to go! So Here it is guys!


A little black dress (LBD) is a black evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often quite short. A perfect little black dress for everyone. The LBD is a great way to look elegant and showcase your personality and sense of style! It’s a must have in every woman’s wardrobe especially for the festive season ahead and here are reasons why you should invest in one.

Why ladies should invest in atleast One LBD

Do you really need an LBD?well, Yes you do,
1.LBDs are SO AFFORDABLE, you can stock your closet for every season! - Sexy cutouts, lace, backless, plus ...
2.No matter how many fashion trends come and go, the little black dress continues to stand the test of time and prove to the world that it is indeed a classic piece! This is exactly the reason why the fashion world could never ignore the LBD’s presence. It flatters every body type
3.It is versatile and goes well with every body shape. It complements the wearer by hiding their problem areas and accentuating their features.
4. It is a safe bet to wear to almost every event you have this holiday, well expect to an all white party *wink* It’s an extremely practical part of your wardrobe and as it is always comes to the rescue when you in doubt of what to wear.
5.well fitted LBD goes a long way in making you look fabulous and even boosts your confidence. 
Here are some of my fave black dress looks…enjoy!
I was going for that sexy  casual and  stylish vibe. Thus the oh so risqué dress was paired with playful black and pink sneakers to put in a tad bit of playfulness and color to the ensemble. I didn't want to over do it as the dress had blinding shimmers thus I played down on the accessories. With a simple black leather bag and wrist watch and my perfect smile I was ready to turn heads baby! And oh did you notice my perfect Blue manicure? Hahaha don't be boring when you step out in that outfit lovelies be bold and daring..

Hand bag:Michael kors 
Flat sneakers: Jordan 
Black neck piece:shopped at online shopping mall Konga.
Wristwatch: Casio G Shock     

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