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It's a new month and so far this past month has been a good one,I am finally done with one of the most important steps in my life! graduated from college and I couldn't be more glad God has been so faithful and I've had sooo much to learn from. its been really amazing I've learned the Good the bad and the ugly and in all I'm  really thankful it couldn't have been any better and i'm really excited to have the time to pursue my passion(fashion) full time watch out for me guys! So my girlfriend went for her graduation thanksgiving service and had to look very stylish. She wore this very classy amazing off shoulder  fitting long gown for the service right after lol I stole it(ha ha ha pictures of the gown of course lol *winks*)and decided too share with you guys sooo feel free too tell us what you think *winks*

African Ankara Dress
Ankara Dress

A long dress is a must-have for any wardrobe.for that special occasion (the oscars perhaps? Lol) you can almost never go wrong in a long gown You can wear it with different styles. You can give it something extra by adding Ankara fabric always a head turner!
You can put on a bolero or jacket for some modesty for a strapless dress. To choose what to wear over the dress, carefully study its cut, colours, and fabric. Pay attention to all the details this is important. it is easy to find the best style and the best with attention to details. In combination of clothes. Always pay attention to the fabric from which the dress is sewn. This aspect is important in the selection of accessories for the look. Take into account the print and the color of the clothes, as this determines the choice of shoes and handbags. Although Ankara styles for ladies are associated with bright colors like in the picture above the farbric suits her skin colour a factor to note too . A long black dress allows you to be free and embellish how you want It is also perfect for a more solemn event. In the photo above you can see that the occasion suites the brilliant color she chose. Off shoulder gowns are all the craze right now you just have to have one ladies!!  beautiful shoulders and neckline compliment this design. Do not forget to supplement your  look with heels a beautiful little handbag or clutch. It is important to think about the accessories; Big earrings with stones,long ones, stylish pendants, bracelets, and rings are all great choices to pick from! in the picture above I like how she complimented  her look with a small handbag that fitted her prints just perfectly  and her choice of accessories small earrings, black neck choker and also a black stylish bracelet to go with speaks volumes with out being over done. Any beautiful look should be comfortable. Her head scarf gave it the African look that just screams "confident African woman"I looooooooove! You?  SHOES  Shoes can destroy the whole look if not properly chosen. Even for a long dress that the shoes might not be very visible  shoes should be chosen very carefully. Flat shoes. This type that will give you maximum freedom of movement and comfort depending on the occasion you could rock those flats sister!

Sandals and platform shoes: Do not forget that the styles should emphasize your femininity, and not make you look heavier. Like you can see in what she wore above the flat sandals she wore still brought out her femininity, great for summer key thought is what's the event you are wearing it to. Heeled sandals: you can never really go wrong in these unless they're just plain hideous shoes!  Depending on the chosen style, dress color, and accessories heeled shoes can become both accentuate.  Your opinion So people this is it. Tell me all what you think about My work or maybe you have a unique style. You can send it to me for my next article -... e-mail me your Ankara picturesRemember, I appreciate ALL your feedback! Feel free to leave me comments, suggestions, or ask any questions you may have! Remember to follow me on Instagram!Oh and don't forget toindulge always!Xx

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