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Style for gentle men

Hey people,
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how are you all doing today? Hope fab? So people, it's not gonna be about just the ladies no more. I'll be sharing fantastic ideas to my gentle men (we cant possibly leave you out of the fun) *winks* from today. Do sit tight people -  let me indulge you! here it is........ 
The saying “how you dress is how you will be addressed” might be a cliché but it is never far from the truth. You can’t be a grown man and dress like a high school student, and then expect an invitation to the high table. 

Let me be clear, clothing does not make the man, however your clothing still matters as it introduces you and tells your story before you open our mouth. And even if you work in a field without strict dress codes, appropriate dressing encourages others to take you seriously.

Here are eight tips on how to dress like a grown man, so you can be treated like one:

No matter what you do for a living, you need at least one suit or a jacket if you choose to call it that. Stop buying suits that are two sizes larger or smaller than you. Be sure of your measurement and buy a suit that makes you look sharp and smart. If finding your perfect size at the shops seems difficult, find a good tailor who can help you amend it to your size or sew a new one for you altogether.

The next time you go shopping for shirts, get yourself a slim fitted shirt and even if you are on the big side, there are shirts sizes that will fit your frame perfectly, you only need to look for them. Get shirts that look great and makes you appear like the smart man you are. Again, good tailors come in handy here. There are tailors that can sew smart and lovely shirts for you, just find them.

Rolling up the sleeves of your shirt can either make you look shabby or dashing; it all depends on how you do it.  If you are going for a dashing look; here are some quick tips: unroll and unbutton your sleeves, roll up your sleeve to about two widths of the shirt’s cuff, roll one more time to the bottom of the cuff, then roll one final time, leaving the top of the cuff visible, and you are good to go.

It is important when wearing a tie to match colour and patterns to your dress shirt or suit rather than trying to match your shirt/suit to the tie. Also beware of patterns when wearing a tie, as too much patterns on your shirt or tie can ruin your looks. When shopping for a tie, be aware of the shirts and suits you have in your closet.

Make sure your trousers are fitted and sharp. Keyword is “fitted” and not “pencil”. Remember we are going for a grown man look and anything pencil or skinny should be left for undergraduates. As a grown man, well-cut and standard styled trousers will do you a lot of good.

If you choose to wear jeans to an occasion, it should be the right one. There are lots of jeans out there like faded, baggy, stone wash, low rise, distressed, amongst other. However, a grown man should keep his jeans collection simple. Fitted jeans in dark colours will do the trick.

Socks are an important part of your dressing and thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the right ones. Your socks can either make you look smart or be an unwelcome distraction.  For starters, throw away your white socks; high school is over.  Get yourself lots of nice coloured socks. When you want to wear each one, be sure the colours match your trousers to a large extent. Do not combine weird colours and make sure your socks cover your shins.

Most of us get it wrong when it comes to shoes. We need to understand that not all shoes are appropriate for all occasions. When buying shoes, invest in quality. You will be fine with a few good shoes rather than plenty uninspiring and low quality shoes. Also, don’t forget to shine those shoes. And for you to be on the safer side, buy at least one black lace-up shoe.

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