Saturday, 18 July 2015

Styling tipps for guys

grooming tips for guys
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Hey people!
How u all doing? fantastic, I hope. *xoxo*..sorry.  Ladies the next few days is gonna be strictly for the brothers to make up 4 all the lost time and attention.  So here it is guys......An increasing number of men are making grooming a priority because they want to maintain a Clean Sleek appearance and a winning edge on the Ladies.


1. Good dental hygiene means a dazzling smile. The ladies love a great set of teeth. For some, it’s a requirement plus its the first thing someone will notice when you smile, so take care of those teeth!

2. Make time to clip and file your fingernails at home: A Well-manicured nail will be noticed! Hands and feet grooming are very Important routines to upkeep. Best time to tackle clipping Toe nails especially is after you've had a bath/shower! Much easier!!

3. A regular shape-up, trim beard and mustache go a long way.

4. If you’re going to wear cornrows, keep them neat. If you can’t keep it groomed 24/7, slick it back in a neat ponytail or opt for a modern, short haircut, a clean cut or invest in a few fly hats.

5.If You're Not Already aware,Men too need to Pamper their Skin!! Buy/ get a good daily skin care routine.There are lots of Skin Care products out there for Men. . . . Ashy elbows & hands from lack of applying creame or lotion is not a sight to behold!

6. If you  have Dry lips,Brush your lips with a soft, dry toothbrush to remove the dead skin and apply a thin coat of lip balm or vaseline,just dont pile it on your  lips.

7. You don't have to get your shoes polished every morning. However, at least wipe them with a soft cloth if they're looking dusty. And guys, please change your socks everyday, no matter what!

8. You are what you wear and if you're dressed in dingy, wrinkled or unkempt clothes, then guess what that says about you? Take the time to look presentable. First impressions could make a lasting impact on a person.

FAST! FACT: Shoes, Watches, Belt and Eye wear can add that extra something to your overall look. Invest in all four.

So guys hope u can get a thing or two or even wayyyy more from my quick grooming tips so watch out next for my top ten must have ~ MEN'S TOP 10 MUST-HAVE SPRING FASHION ITEMS 


see you all soon guys

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  1. Great nice keep it going girl love wat ur doing great !