Saturday, 1 August 2015


Hey beautiful people,hope you are all doing fantastic today? so here it is people!

Today i,ll be introducing to you all an amazing and super creative fashion designer Harliparel. harliparel whose from the western part of nigeria,whose into making international standard outfits using both hidigerously  an foreign fabrics, who hopes to  share her amazing fashionable ideas with you all,she hopes to use this medium.
The Edgy SAINTS her very own fashion show to share with you all her own amazing fashion tips /ideas, celebrity street styles,her signature design and of course lots more.

shes really excited to start this journey  with you all  like harliparel would say showing less is more in the. world fashion and you can still look amazing and make the fashion statement you wanna make even when u show less,we can all still look amazing when we show less skin, still look very fashionably fly, and uptodate in the world fashion and still follow what's trending in the fashion world in your own creative and amazing fashionable way because  they are no. Rules when it comes to fashion don't think twice. before you get out of ur comfort zone  try something different be daring indulge get ready people for the drum sounds for more information  coming soon*winks*like I would always say fashion is an expression of imagination and could always run wild  like me and that's okey because that's how we individualize our selves when it comes to fashion don't think twice be4 u setout of ur comfort zone ,so don't be bored when u look at that mirror ,try on something new!lets go! Be daring 4 for more information follow her on instagram on @haliparel_                                                   .                                                ...                                            ..

                                                                                                 .                           .


                                     .             . 
Indulge yourselves*winks* xoxo indulgence 

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