Friday, 1 April 2016

Men top 10 must have spring fashion items

Men must have sneakers
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Dinner Jackets
It’s always good to have at least one. A dinner jacket is great to throw on for a casual night out with friends or attending a classy dinner party

Plunging Neckline
A deep neckline isn’t just made for women’s apparel. This style is being seen more in men’s tees, cardigans and shirts.

Rounder Shades
Fellas, protect those eyes and still look fashionable. Round, square, and wrap-arounds are the flyest shapes this season.

This trend is great because it acts as a great fashion accessory as well as great sun protection, not just the baseball cap.
Stylish Suits
Every man should have a timeless, classic piece in his wardrobe. Fitted suits, great dress shirts, and bold ties will have you in control of your closet and take you beyond 9 to 5.

Cooler Colors
From grey and neutral tones to bright, but elegant looking hues, bold colors will always bring out the best in a man’s wardrobe. From apparel to accessories, dare to be seen wherever you go.

Sneaker Appeal
Step into spring in style with a comfy sneaker. Make a proper outfit ultra hip with a funky tennis shoe.

Every accessory you wear does not have bling. A fashionable  watch can bring out even the basic daily attire on any man.

Zip-Up Jackets
With the fluctuation of the climate, a zip-up is an essential layer to every man's ensemble.

Slimmer Bottoms
Guys are growing out of sagging, oversized pants and relaxing in more fitted bottoms. Just be mindful of the difference between fitting in your pants and squeezing in them.

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