Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Designers Obsession

Hey everyone,

sure you're all doing fantastic!i wish you all the best of this new month!! we all know they're are a couple of things we don't do soooo good without. I like to call them my obsession. Not for everyone of course but one of those things you find yourself glued to that u can't just think of not owning one yourself so here it is people. I tried to put my list of five together take a look..


first on my list would be my camera my love for photography has grown crazy over time,it has become an obsession,not just about myself, or my designs but generally anything fashion related,amazing fashion designs I would wanna share with the world,lol sometimes when I forget to pack my camera along I always have a back up plan my camera phone, or one of my gadgets that has a camera on it, I wanna get a shot of every moment, every design I love to capture every moment lol my ideas, designs and any amazing designs and fashion ideas out there. Lol I can take pictures for Africa lol my phone and camera always have no space left in them because I have over a million or more pictures and you know wats even worse? I don't always use maybe I could learn a thing or two from d pictures I never deleted a"good design photo", or failed to capture d moment.

My sewing machine:

 and what would I do, without this main lover and obsession of mine?? I developed the habit of carrying my needle wherever I go, since I can't carry my sewing machine all around lol who knows when u may actually need it this one time I was at an event and I tried to sit down,and my dress slits at d side was really bad because the dress was fitting,I actually used my needle and thread to stitch it right up and it actually turned out great.


The sun in this part of the world is not smiling. Literally, you can drive yourself to into a ditch if care is not taken, I was never a fan of sunshades, i thought it was just a statement piece to compliment an outfit, well i lied, and the fact that you could protect your face from sun burn, i mean why wouldn’t i love it? Right about now, I’m damn addicted and they never leave my bag.


Ok, these ones are absolutely a must have this season I was so lucky be gifted with a pair of these amazing pink Nike sneakers. like pink?come on now wouldn't you just love them ?!they are just unbelievably comfortable you just have to own One for urself.


 I just always find myself throwing in one of them, my wrist watch earrings neck piece, bracelets, rings we just always find ourselves fitting in one or more but let's remember not to overdo it!
So this is it my people. Do you have any 5 fashionable things u find urself obsessing over? Let us know! And while you’re at it, tell us why you think it's a must have:)

Xoxo indulgence