Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Hey lovelies,How are you all doing today? So today we will be talking about hats...... A hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against weather conditions, ceremonial reasons such as university graduation, religious reasons, safety, or as a fashion accessory or to make a fashion statement. In the past, hats were an indicator of social status or regiment. Police typically wear distinctive hats such as peaked caps or brimmed hats, such as those worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Some hats have a protective function for example protects the head from sun Ray. Hats shades the face and shoulders from the sun, a cowboy hat protects against sun. So today lovelies  here are some hat photos to give you ideas of how to rock your hats better...




So guys what do you all think?

Well basically your hat could be for protective purposes or strictly a fashion accessory that when perfectly combined it could go for anything ,weddings,dinner parities,summer parities it could be perfect for any occasion if perfectly combined as you can see in the pictures   or both even, either ways rock that hat with confidence!!

Your opinion

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