Monday, 9 October 2017

Sporty obsession


how's ur new week going?fantastic am sure😊 .................. remember when i told you i was obsessed with sneakers?! Well the madness continues. And has taken a different turn this time it's now the sporty look all around not just the sneakers,so I went window shopping and  i "saw"  this sporty riverisland  top in a shop...*face covered*I know I said no more shopping but I couldn't take my eyes off it,I imagined myself in it and being soo comfortable I just had to get one for myself  #UNASHAMED. 😅😆I remember growing up I use to  "borrow" my elder sisters cloths without asking, i would walk around feeling all high and mighty even though i could hardly keep em up on my frail lanky looking shoulders... Yes i was                           a little skinny☺

But things have changed and im alĺ "grownup" now... I've grown into my mighty head and i now do my own shopping and hardly have to "borrow" my elder sisters cloths *hehehehe*without asking 😆😊to my elder sis lol yup now you know *Am sorry😊😙😆they were just so cool I could hardly take my eyes off them

what else could a naija girl ask for?!


so I decided to make it a sporty Saturday over the weekend,I had some personal things I had planned ealier to do over the weekend so i decided to get them done today, so I combined the riverisland sporty cropped top with nice parts of white jeans to go with it,I decided not to do blue jeans so as the outfit can be really catchy and I combined with my all so famous pair of nike sneakers😆😍��
Amazing combo Yes?❤


and so I tried to keep it simple that's why am am just wearing a pair of rubber wrist watch,a small hand bracelet,and a small dress brooch to go +my newest bag obsession my small mosohno chain bag to finish it up and here it is guys😊😍.you like?

Get the look:
TOP:river island 
PANTS:true religion 
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