Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Less is more!!quote for the day!

Hey lovelies,i hope you all enjoyed my last post?much more coming your way so more to learn from*winks*                  so people as you all know already know, particularly even for myself i am a firm believer that "less is more"when it comes to fashion....i believe less always says so much secret to pulling this off in fashion i believe is the Minimalism is the ticket to pulling this look before i got to know so much about this,i  i usually always take off the last jewellery accessory  i wore on before i leave my house when am feeling am looking too busy lol and trying to acompolish the less is more minimalist look yea,lol

Few people might view minimal as boring, but it is far from that,” says Malissa Tayag, marketing manager for Vancouver-based clothing brand Oak + Fort. “It is creating beauty from simplicity, and finding a way to be unique without being over the top. It is easy to be loud and flashy, with soo much on and so much talking at the same time but to be able to voice your style and personality in a subdued way is the ultimate skill.”Despite what it might look like — garments in modest cuts simple outfits – this growing trend is anything but bland.and trust me when i say it is everything!! And trust me your gonna look like a million box😊 "less is more for fashion has sooo many ideas linked to it,less Is More

Less is more :for The Case for Buying Fewer,

 Better Things

Less is more:Get Serious About What You Buy

Less Is More” Means More Space

Less Is More” Means More Sustainable

Less is More” Means More Punch

Less is always more darlings you all should key into that😊

Do you have more reasons for buying fewer, better things? Leave a note in the comments section!

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