Monday, 11 June 2018

Smokey Eyes

Hey ladies,happy New week to you all, so as you all know creating the Smokey  eyes is one of the toughest styles to I have to say the first few tries may look abit  hideous lol but you know what they say,if You don't succeed at first,give it another shot (try again) it takes alot of practice and repectition to perfect ask, your make up artist,watch some videos on you tube,check out some make up articles on smokey eyes😊 like mine....and they could all be very helpful,so lovelies i put together some tips to make your give you that awesome smokey eye and take you a whole another level*check it out*winks
 Always try to prime your eyelids before adding your smoky eyes turns out beautiful,it's helps to build colours that last and stay when your doing so much blending and it creates a very good and beautiful foundation for the layering your eye shadows
Brush the primer over the entire lid and let it dry before you continue. I prefer brushing a cream concealer over the lid and setting it with powder. 
Apply Eye shadow (backwards)
Work with colour gradient that works,find lots of different colour shades  from the same family e.g..if your doing green smoky eye,make sure your going with three variations of green (light ,medium,And dark green)to make the look prefect..., following the colour with first medium light colour shade ( light, shimmery shadow works best)
blend then you add your medium shade (Begin to blend in the darker color on the bottom lid, about halfway across the eyelid. Blend the shadow upward and outward into the crease of the eye)
and also blend blend blend...finally finish with the darkest shade dark shade applied to your line and blend again.(sweep the darkest shade gray or black works best into the outer corner of the eye. Remember to blend, blend, blend. Use a circular motion to really create a smoky effect)
Note note note:the best smokey eye uses the three shades from the same color family:a light base for the entire lid, a darker shade, and a deep shade, Assemble your shadows and a Pair light base colours with rich dark colours. coordinating dark eyeliner to get started.
Use liner
Use eye pencil as a base or liner (if you want to make your smoky eye look intense apply black liner to the base of your eyes.After creating the perfect gradient of colors on your lidand smudge it. This creates definition to the lids and will give you that smoldering eye look  You can do the same underneath the eyes.  
Always lways have your eye shadow brush,blender brush,highlighter/shader and liner.
Always use high-quality shadow brushes like:a flat shading brush, a mid-size shadow brush, and a fluffy blending brush on hand.

Blend blend blend!
This is the most important tip for Smokey eyes you've got to blend blend blend all the way lendinbaby!so it doesn't look rough and it blends perfectly well giving you that glam look
 create small circles with a fluffy brush until all harsh lines are gone. Either use a different fluffy brush for each color, or cleaning the brush after each color is applied to the eye 
invest in alot of blending brushes you can use a different fluffy brush for each colour,
The key to Smokey eye, is proper blending.
- and remember always Finish the smokey eye before applying foundation and concealer to avoid shadow dust from ruining your base.
you always use highlighter or base shade first note:always start from the eye brow bone with the highlight colour on the brow bone choose a neutral colour that is a shade or two lighter than your skin colour
Use mascara to finish your smokey eye with several coats of mascara so that the lashes are dark and bold. Or better  yet😊wanna  really play up those eyes? Use false lashes gives it a whole new really bold look.
For not for everybody but as for me i like to Keep the nice colored lips when creating a smokey eye. Put the focus on the eyes, or the lips, but never both. Consider using a light bronzer for all over color.
And finally for me i like to add a little shimmery white or gold shadow  to the inner corners of the eyes.
Try to keep  the rest of your face as natural as possible 
As for the rest of your makeup, keep it on the more neutral side, dont  make it too dramatic the  smokey eye already says alot, you’ll do the blush, bronzer or both and of course lips, but a softer version since your eyes will be the star attraction. Apply a little bronzer, a nice pink neutral blush and a nice lip color nude lip gloss or lip color to finish the look.
So this is what it looks like guys what do you guys think??

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